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Services—Estimating and Color Consultation

Call us at 707.544.9551 to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form. Plan on spending 15 to 45 minutes to allow for ample time to cover every aspect of your project. All of our estimates are thorough and never "ball-parked". Each of your concerns and all of your expectations will be carefully noted and ultimately calculated into the final bid.Estimating and Color Consultation from Solidarity Painting

When you are ready to schedule an appointment be sure to plan ahead. Especially during the busy seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall), or if coordinating with more than one contractor.

Color Consultation
Please ask about our color consultation services. Jobs proceed much more efficiently when these, sometimes weighty, decisions are finalized before work begins. In most cases the customers choose their own color selections. Solidarity will provide you with 8"x11" cardboard brush outs, or roll out samples directly on the areas to be painted. Many clients find this process helps them visualize the final results most effectively.

Solidarity Painting will give you free advise and there is no extra charge for applying up to three colors on the house or building. Please let us know if you would prefer to work with a color consultant and we will refer one to you.

See color ideas from projects we've worked on by clicking on the image::

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